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The Best of Both Worlds: Curating The Perfect Hybrid Event

There’s more technological innovation in the event space than ever before - and that’s made hosting events more accessible and innovative than ever. Calling the events of 2020 unprecedented feels like an incredibly large understatement at this point. I won’t re-hash what we’ve all been through over the course

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Vision Board: How To Manifest The Event Of Your Dreams

Don’t write this off as too airy fairy to apply to your business - the fundamental principles of manifestation in this context are grounded in organisational theory. Additionally, HuffPost have actually signposted vision boards as useful tools for individuals and entrepreneurs, and even highlighted some psychological

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Find Your Tribe – 5 Reasons Why Virtual Events Will Help Grow Your Business

In a time of unprecedented upheaval, business owners and entrepreneurs have a brand new toolkit for building their community through the exciting world of virtual events. No one could have prepared for what 2020 has thrown at us so far. Between lockdowns, social distancing, travel

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Have you considered events in your marketing strategy?

I was recently interviewed by Yvette Mayer on her podcast "The Lit Up & Liberated Entrepreneur". Press play on the audio player (above) to listen to the full episode.  You can also listen on Yvette's website yvettemayer.com In this interview, we talk about how events can increase your visibility,

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Virtual Live Events are here to Stay

  In the last few months, we’ve experienced a level of rapid change that no one could have foreseen. My event agency went from a schedule packed with exciting events, to having no live events scheduled till the end of the year. They’ve been either cancelled or postponed. Understandably,

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Events Need Project Management Tools

If you’ve been involved with project management you’ll know that task tracking and team communication are vital ingredients for success. And when you’re organising your event, you’ll know just what I mean, an event can be a massive project with many puzzle pieces to track and

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5 tips to get started with hosting your own event

Organising a successful event can feel outside of your genius zone; the fear of the unknown can be incredibly overwhelming and stressful. I want to set you up for success by sharing these five tips for getting started with hosting your own event. You’ll need to

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Five tips to improve audience experience

I recently attended a two-day business automation workshop, for female entrepreneurs, in Sydney. This is a community I’ve been part of for a few months now. The online presence of this business was consistent throughout their sales material and over into their online learning portal and printed worksheets. However,

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