Organising a successful event can feel outside of your genius zone; the fear of the unknown can be incredibly overwhelming and stressful. I want to set you up for success by sharing these five tips for getting started with hosting your own event.

You’ll need to start by getting clear on your vision, your goals and what success looks like for you. It’s important that you get clear on your promise; create your raving fan profile; uncover the incredible benefits you’ll offer to excite them, and build confidence within yourself so you can show up for your event and give it your best.

Then and only then you will be ready to start looking for the perfect venue, on the right date, in the right city, so you can maximize attendance and create a memorable experience.

Set an empowering vision

Be crystal clear on exactly what you want to create and what an incredible experience you’re going to create for your raving fans when you host your own event. When I’m working with a client we always start with the end in mind. Start by creating a vision board that depicts exactly how you see every aspect of your event happening in real life.

What city lights you up? What does the room look like? How many people are at your event? What are they experiencing? What are they eating? How are they acting? How are they feeling?

Here’s where you dream, paint the picture, without limits. What does your ideal event look like?

From here you’ll be able to work backwards and bring your vision to life.

Create an event success mindset

Planning an event is not easy and it takes weeks and sometimes months. So it’s super important that you’re deeply connected to you ‘WHY’. Why are you hosting your own event?

Having a success mindset is going to give you inner strength and momentum. So when things get hard, and they will get hard from time to time, it will be easier to keep moving forward to realise your ultimate goal of hosting your own event and creating raving fans that want to work with you.

Spend some time getting clear and document your event WHY. It is highly likely that this will be slightly different from your business WHY.

Define your perfect audience

You want to create raving fans at your event. These are your ideal clients who just can’t get enough of you and what you offer. To do this you need to spend some time identifying who wants and needs what you have to offer. So you can open up new opportunities to attract new clients and develop strong relationships with those who attend your event.

Having clarity on your audience will be crucial to your marketing message. You need to be laser-focused on how they think so you can get them signed up and know what they truly want.

Signed up to your event and signed up to your offer.

Select the perfect time

Ensure that you consider all key factors that determine the right time of the year for your audience.

Give consideration to what else is going on that might conflict for your fans. How far will they need to travel, will weather at that time of the year make a difference? Are there other major events going on at that time? You know … you might want to avoid things like Mothers’ Day or Easter.

Choose a time of the year that makes it easy for your ideal client to say yes to attending your event.

Choose a venue that’s on-brand

Now it’s time to consider location and venue. What city will you host your event in? Do you need to be in a city with an international airport? Or perhaps a location where you know most of your audience are located.

What city do you love? What city do you want your raving fans to experience with you? When you can get excited about a city your ideal audience will get excited with you.

Once you’ve decided what city, next is what venue? You want to look for a venue that will align with your brand and be a perfect fit for your brand persona. I can’t stress how important I think this is to the overall experience of your event. If you’re a fun kinda person then choose a venue brand that has a fun element to it.

You’re all set

In my opinion, these are the key foundations that will lead to you hosting a successful event. Being crystal clear on these first steps will ensure you know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re hosting your own event.

Doing this work first will move you away from feelings of overwhelm and self-doubt to running a killer event with confidence.

You can now get on doing what you do best, providing tremendous value to your audience.

So how do you feel now? Are you ready to host your first or next live event?